Premium Packages and Quick Starts

Gene has custom designed Premium value packages – his best of the best combinations of training, coaching, and consulting – to quickly and cost effectively get you and your teams realizing the full benefits of Agile, Scrum, and Professional Coaching. Don’t delay!


  • 1 day turbo organization quick-eval –  Is your organization ready to realize the full power of Agile and Scrum? Explore your existing organization structure, goals, objectives, opportunities, pain points, etc, and get an objective written analysis of how implementing or improving Agile/Scrum WILL HELP.
  • Back to basics Agile/Scrum Workshop – Full day Intro/Re-Intro to Agile/Scrum – this workshop is designed to challenge both new AND existing teams on what it really means to become Agile and tap into the power of Scrum.
  • Power of the Retrospective Workshop – 1/2 day training, 1/2 day practical application for up to 3 teams on the power of the Scrum retrospective –  a fun hands-on workshop designed to help your teams learn to fully engage with each other, inspect and adapt, and rapidly improve from day ONE. Excellent stand-alone tool for any organization to immediately implement and benefit from.
  • Leading From Your Strengths Team Member assessment – great when contemplating adding a new team member to the team OR for evaluating an existing team member who may be having trouble fitting in – package consists of one Leading From Your Strengths assessment and report and two follow-up individualized coaching sessions.
  • Leading From Your Strengths Accelerated Team Building Workshop – full day training for up to 3 of your teams on the Leading From Your Strengths assessment, includes taking the online personalized assessments, getting a full length pdf report, and walking through the various assessment components. Leave understanding your Natural and Adapted Strengths and the Leading From Your Strengths difference!
  • Power of Professional Coaching workshop – Full day workshop designed to get managers and leaders thinking and behaving more like engaged and motivating Coaches and less like command and control style task masters. Highly acclaimed. Fix your engagement problems!

SPECIAL IF BOOKED by June 2017: will include my Power of the Daily standup AND Power of the Product backlog lunch and learns AND 1 additional follow up Professional Coaching session, FREE!

Trans-formative deeper dives (30-90 day engagements):

  • Agile/Scrum Power Implementation: Gene will fully embed as a Scrum Master and take up to 3 of your teams through a full Scrum implementation. Includes establishing your teams, establishing your Sprints, creating your first backlogs, ensuring team roles are understood and properly staffed, and establishing your Scrum ceremonies and artifacts.
  • Agile/Scrum Power Revamp: Gene will fully embed as a Scrum Master and take up to 3 of your teams through a full-reexamination of your Scrum implementation to align with Agile values and principles, and all Scrum ceremonies and artifacts, and will help you develop a plan to take your implementation to the next level. Includes taking your teams through an Agile and Scrum assessment to baseline where they’re at against market competitors.
  • Power up your Scrum Masters – Gene will teach your Scrum Masters how to Coach their teams to get better team engagement and team performance – happier more productive team members!

Gene’s GAME CHANGER – his “Special sauce” premium package:

  • Add on the Leading From Your Strengths team building package – take your entire team (up to 10 people) through the Leading From Your Strengths assessment and find out what your team’s unique individual and team strengths DNA looks like, and how you can begin to effectively lead from these strengths. Includes the creation of a special custom “team wheel” that will show the balance (or imbalance) of individual and team strengths, along with Coaching as to next steps. 2-3 day training workshop and hands-on application.
  • For a limited time also get the “Soft skills for engineering types” lunch and learn!

Gene invites you to take advantage of any one of these premium packages to:

  • Get started with getting twice as much work done in 1/2 the time.
  • Deliver the highest value add work items
  • Forecast timelines and budgets accurately
  • Continuously improve
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Turn on a dime
  • Exceed customer expectations

Please contact me today at to learn more and arrange for a free initial consultation. There is no obligation.