Leading from Your Strengths

What is the Leading From Your Strengths assessment?

Gene and Strong Tower have partnered with Ministry Insights to bring their patented and award winning Leading From Your Strengths assessments to you and your organization. Gene is a Certified Leading From Your Strengths practitioner.

The Leading From Your Strengths assessment is an online assessment which consists of 20 questions that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. It has been proven to be remarkably accurate and will reveal your unique set of natural and adapted strengths in four key areas: Problem Solving, Managing Change, Processing Information, and Managing Risk. These are the four key areas which we typically encounter every day and can experience conflict with others at work and at home. Understanding your natural and adapted strengths and how you relate to others is extremely useful for leaders and teams who want to work more productively, cohesively, and enjoyably together.

Gene takes this one step further by adding Professional Coaching as a follow up to help you get the most out of all individual and team building assessments. Once you and your team understand your strengths, you are ready to develop dynamic action plans that translate these strengths into  powerful results.

How is Leading from Your Strengths different?

The main difference is the focus on Strengths – natural and adapted – and not on weaknesses. Ever notice when you and your teammates are “working from your wheelhouse” – your natural strengths and giftings – it often doesn’t even feel like work? That’s the power of Leading From Your Strengths!

For a light-hearted, like minded perspective from noted leadership Guru John Maxwell, see this short video clip: John Maxwell

Leading From Your Strengths produces an Insights Wheel which based on the assessment plots your unique strengths profile and matches it up to a set of descriptors to give you a quick understanding of your strengths and who you are. The awareness brought by this assessment and the resultant report and insights wheel has been life changing for many.

Where do you plot on the wheel? What are your unique natural and adapted strengths? Where do you and your teammates plot on the wheel? Do you have good balance? Where do you go from here?

How can we get started?

Contact Gene today at gene@strong-tower.org to begin your journey to understanding and truly Leading from Your Strengths; you’ll be glad you did!